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BATA Ugadi Mela Event 2014


About BATA

Bay Area Telugu Association (BATA) is a non-profit organization devoted to the awareness and promotion of Telugu culture in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Formed in 1971, is one of the biggest Indo-American organizations in San Francisco Bay Area and is one of the oldest Telugu Associations in North America. BATA was formally registered in 1982 as a Non-profit organization with Tax Id # 94-2881640.

BATA celebrates various Telugu festivals annually and encourages participation by members and well wishers at these events. BATA organizes celebrations for three festivals every year: Sankranti, Ugadi and Deepavali and hosts a picnic in summer. BATA Membership is open to any one interested in Telugu culture or literature.

BATA also organizes special cultural events from time to time, performed by artists visiting from India. BATA participates in the Independence Day celebrations organized by Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) and has an Andhra Float during the parade. In addition, BATA participates in the local Indian events and fundraisers.

BATA publishes bilingual quarterly magazine, Telugu Velugu which is mailed to its members.

BATA Executive Committee members are elected every year. BATA executive committee members conduct day-to-day operation of the organization. The non-executive committee members are nominated by the Executive committee for a specific responsibility. The "Cultural", "Marketing", "Public Relations" and "Telugu Velugu" Editorial committee are nominated by the Executive committee.

Objectives of BATA

  • To preserve, maintain, and perpetuate the cultural heritage of the people of Telugu origin in San Francisco Bay Area
  • To assist and propagate cultural, literary, educational, social, and community affairs of the people of Telugu origin in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • To serve as a central resource for all Telugu related issues to the Bay Area community
  • To organize and promote Telugu cultural, literary and educational events in the Bay area
  • To raise funds for natural disasters in India and US either directly or in cooperation with other non-profit organizations
  • Support, cooperate and promote relevant local non-profit organizations

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